Introduction of 5 authors
ttplanningenglish Following 5authors have described books on the Human.

1) Alexis Carrel : "L'Homme-cet Inconnu" Librairie Plon 1935
"Man, the Unknown" Harper and Bros 1935
"Der Mensch - Das Unbekannte Wesen" LIST Bucher 45 Munchen, 1955

2) John H. Relethford: "How Human History is Revealed in Our Genes" Westview Press, 2003

3) Makoto Mitsui: "Evolution of the Human 7million years"Koudansha, 2008

4) Carl F. von Weizsecker: "Der Mensch In Seiner Geschichte" Carl Hanser Verlag Munchen 1991

5) Francis S. Collins: "The Language of God" SIMON & SCHUSTER 2006
Alexis Carrel 1) Man, the Unknown

Alexis Carrel was born in France on June 28, 1873. He won the Nobel Prize of Physiology in 1912. He investigated all kind of human's activity in the viewpoint of physiology. He classified the all human to poor or rich, healthy or unhealthy, knowledgeable or unknowledgeable, mental weakness(debility), insane, shrewd, criminal, officemen, politician, shop manager, professor, military man, pastor, farmer, philosopher, artist, scientist, and he observed theirproperties of blood or body liquid.

He was involved in studying on the man's physical and spiritual mechanisms of cell structure at the Rockfeller Institute for Medical Research. His interest is concentrated on the properties of body liquid and he found that the components of serum are constant and peculiar although cell itself is replacing day by day. He also studied hardly on the role of body liquid. Additionally he has indicated role of serum and man's spiritual structures. Furhtermore he discussed about cell structure and related role of the internal organs, however such knowledge is less advanced compared with recent theory of Genes. They only knew that the mitochondorion do the important role on human's activity at that time.

Especialy he pointed that the properites of man's liquid are related with man's mental structures. The properties of bad man's liquid is different from that of good man's. Recent progress of the Genetics teaches us that the DNA of bad man must be differnt from that of good man, however we have no clear method of distingushing them. At the age of Alexis Carrel's nobody knew what is DNA.

He also described relations between human's activity and properties of the man's body liquid. He finally described it is impossible to improve a devil incarnate, so that such man must be exterminated.

The title of each chapters are as follows;
chapter 1. What is the Human being --- what are their properties?
chapter2. "Science of the Human" --- analysis and summaries
chapter3. Active body and physiology
chapter4. Human's creative mental
chapter5. Density of the life --- past, future
chapter6. Adaptability of the human's structure
chapter7. Establishment of intllectual personality
chapter8. Conditions of Human's revolution

[notice: above titles of each chapters may not be coincident with original books]
John H.Relethford 2) Reflections of Our Past, How Human History ie revealed in Our Genes

John H. Relethford is a Professor of NY state university ,department of Anthropology. He was awarded of President of the University on his satisfactory results of education. His main theme is on the group genetics and on the origin of Homosapiens. He is the president of the American Natural Geneticss association.

. After the structures of DNA was made clear by James D. Watson snd Francis Click in 1953
the science of Genetics has been tremendously dvanced. The author of this book, Relethford was powerfully involved in basic research of the Genetics. In chapter1 he told us the oringin of Human as 7 million years history. The original human came from Africa.

The titles of each chapter are as follows;

Chapter 1 The history of Human's genesis
Chapter 2 The original species of human, what is the routes of evolution?
Chapter 3 When present human appeared, and others? (before 2-0.13million years ago)
Chapter 4 What happend on Neanderthal man?(20-15thousand years ago)
Chapter 5 Geographical and historical relations between present human and genetic variations
Chapter 6 Where from original Americans?( 150-28 thousand years ago)
Chapter 7 What is the agricaltural tech. in Europ before History began?(10-6 thousand years ago)
Chapter 8 When human came on Atlantic Ocean?( 6000-3500 years)
Chapter 9 The genetic effect of invaders on Ireland( 1200 years ago)
Chapter10 The genetic routes of jeuish, african american( 400 years ago)

What is the real Genesis?

the protein --- dispositions of amino acid --- dispositions of DNA(Deoxi Nuclea Acid)
DNA --- (A spiral structure of Adenin , Timin, Cytosine, Guanine)

The code of genesis --- dispositions of three base, AAA ,GTG, ACT etc.

The human and an anthropoid

Figure: evolution of human and anthropoid by estimations of age of the moleculer

Makoto Mitsui

3)   Evolution of Human 7 million years --- human’s  origin is rewritten

 Makoto Mitsui was born in Hokkaido Japan on 1971. He graduated from Faculty of Science in Kyoto University. He started to work for Yomiuri Press Company as a scientific journalist. He worked on a publication of scientific topics. During this period he collected tremendous information of the Genetics and related information on the origin of human.

Recently some fossils of human’s bone are excavated in Africa and Europe area. These fossils were studied by the method of Genetics. They checked the DNA and estimated the age of the bone.  The genome of the human is very close to that of the chimpanzee, however an anthropoid have never evolved to the human. They have only same origin of the evolution. Why only human have large brain now?

Each title of the chapter is as follows;

Chapter 1 Dawn of the human

Chapter 2 The way to human’s originality

Chapter 3 Final stage of human’s evolution

Chapter 4 History of anthropology in Japan’s island

Chapter 5 How to measure age of the natural matter

Chapter 6 How to investigate with the information of Gene

Chapter 7 Science and human’s activity


Chapter 1 shows:

  7 million years ago     Human started to walk on foods

                         Size of the canine tooth reduced

  4 million years ago     Thickness of the enamel of tooth increased

  2.5 million years ago    Stone implement appeared

                         Human’s brain began to large

  2 million years ago      Human’s body hair disappeared

  1.8 million years ago    Human out from Africa

  0.8 million years ago    Human started to use fire

  7.5 million years ago    Capability to use symbols

                         Starting to use language?

 3.5 million years ago    Human’s artificial work started?

  1.0 million years ago    Human started agriculture

Carl F. von Weizeacker

4) Der Mensch In Seiner Geschichte --- Past, Present, Future

Carl F. von Weizsaecker was born in harbors city KIEL located north west of the Germany on June 1912. His father was diplomatic official and then he had international mind at young age. He learned Physics under Professor Heisenberg. He was well known as a young Physicist because he published a thesis as Bethe-Weizsaecker cycle theory of nuclear fusion. Also he extended his interest in the field of Philosophy by the influence of Philosopher Bicht. He was in detention with 10 physicists including Heysenberg at England because of Atomic bomb manufacturing concerned. After he was released he was engaged in studying Natural Science, Philosophy and Theology at Gettingen University and Hamburg University.

First President of the Germany after west and east were consolidated Richart von Weizsaecker is his youngest brother. Carl Weizsaecker was the president of Max Plank Institute which is located near Munchen and started to work on nuclear fusion with a Philosopher Harbarmass. He died on April 28 ,2007.

  Each title of chapter is as follows;

Chapter 1 What is human being?

Chapter 2 History of the nature

Chapter 3 Where did human come from?

Chapter 4 TimePhysicsTheology

Chapter 5 Modern scholarship

Chapter 6 Outline of Philosophy

Chapter 7 Way to the Religion

Final Chapter  Where human goes to


Carl Friedrich von Weizseacker was a student of junior high school when Alexis Carrel won the Novel Prize in 1912. At that time the Genetics was less advanced.

 When he began to study theoretical Physics under Professor Heisenberg who was strongly affected by Nazisso he hated war and such society. Even if the academic research work itself is independent from the politics, he must be affected by something of politic matter through his life.

In this book he tried to investigate what is human being in the view of several point,However his approach was depending on idealism. In chapter1 he refer to Conrad Lorenz’s theory of the human, he says man always have capability of imaginations. It means we have three dimensional spaces. The ancestors of man, who is anthropoid, could not move from bough to bough without such imaginations. He recognized ancestor of man is anthropoid. 

As the theory of genetics advance well Darwin’s revolution is recognized by people. The Ancestors of man has similar DNA as anthropoid, however the anthropoid did not change to the human even for long period.

Francis S. Collins

5 ) The Language of God –A Scientists Evidence for belief

Francis S. Collins is an American geneticist. He received Doctor of Physical Chemistry from Yale University and also received Medical Doctor from North Carolina University. He was a special Researcher of Human’s genes at Michigan University and then He became President of American National Institute of Human’s Genome from 1993 to August 2008. He also worked for International Human Genome Project as the General Manager.
  The author’s hobby is playing guitar, driving his motor cycle and composing imitated songs for entertainment of his colleagues.

 They spent more than 10 years for making clear Human’s Genome in the International Human’s Genome Project, which so many scientists of America, Europe and Japan were involved. Human’s DNA is written by 3 billion characters which are composed by strange 4characters.
 As the result it made clear that the science and religion are consistent. The theory of evolution , Darwinism is correct. The author, F.S.Collins claimed his conclusion that there is enough harmony between Scientific World and Religious World.

 Each title of chapters is as follows:

Chapter 1  An atheist become believer

Chapter 2  Two conceptions of the World conflict

Chapter 3  The Origin of Space

Chapter 4  Life on the earth -----the Microbe and the Human

Chapter 5  To read Saint Specification --- learnt from Human’s Genome

Chapter 6  Genesis, Galileo and Darwin

Chapter 7  Atheism and Agnosticism --- Science superior Religion (Selection 1)

Chapter 8  Creationism --- Religion superior Science (Selection 2)

Chapter 9  Intelligent Design(ID) --- Science needs God’s help (Selection 3)

Chapter 10 Biologos --- Science and Religion are harmonic (Selection 4)

Chapter 11 Investigators of the Truth


The Space began to start and continue to expanding at present. In 1929 Edwin Hubble had making experiment to measure the Galaxies leaving speed from Galaxy Systems and recognized Big Bang that is occurred 14 billion years ago.

At the begin of Big Bang it is not cleared yet that happened at first 10 to the -27th order sec. After that many things are made clear, element and anti-element cease to exist, stable nuclear is formed, finally element like H, He, existed.
What happened in the world before Big Bang?  Who did start Big Bang?  First page of the testament declared there appeared Light in the World. This shows the start of the Space.
 After Big Bang for 5-10 billion years there were nothing like life. Because there were no oxygen , no carbon in the first star. Nobody believe there exist life except Galaxy of the earth.
  Soon after Big Bang occurred almost same amount of material and anti-material appeared and the space was cooled down as the quark and anti-quark are frozen down.
If same amount of quark and anti-quark existed they disappeared soon after light emitted. Only one of billion quark is exceeded than billion anti-quark, then materials remained in the space. Finally there is the earth and our life existing.

    The history of life on the earth is becoming clear by discovery of a fossil and exterminated series. The age of fossil is estimated by the measurement of age of the radiation. Only unicellular species was found in 0.55 billion years ago. The fossil of many kind of invertebrate, it is called Cambria Explosion. The life continued evolution and human appeared several million years ago. Darwin published the Origin of Species.Darwin told this is greatest view of human’s concept, the God started to put a few lives in the World and gave them a force to live. During the earth moving with gravity every lives started from simple to complex, evolution continue forever.

  Recent progress of the Genetics told us that human’s life continue evolutions by getting nutrition which has a role of DNA and mRNA in the cells. How such mechanism of the Genesis and mRNA was created? It is difficult to understand without any kind of assistance of God.

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