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Main subject is to investigate: What is human being

Isao Tashiro
<What is good ,what is evil?> to 5authors 5authorsenglish

A physiologist Alexis Carrel who won the Novel Prize in 1912, invetigated the propeties of blood and body liquid of good man and evil man and the result is desscribed in his book ("L'Homme-cet Inconnu"Libraries Plon 1935). He reported in this book, that the properties of body liquid of evil man are different from those of good man. At that time nobody knew that the blood serum has the information of DNA.

Since the days before Christ many devil country leaders made many bad decisions and got bad results in leading countries. Some countries were destroyd by invaders. Some politician revolutionized the country for relief of poor people, however it was only for his family to be rich. This politician killed opponents for the purpose of surviving. Recently we have observed some of such devil politicians were killed by the people. Such devil men are supposed to have bad DNA in their cells.

<The history , extermination of people with good DNA > to lifescience

Do all politicians have good DNA? I don't think so. World history taught us that some political leaders organized the country by killing opposing politicians. Such political leader must have had bad DNA. We call them devil leaders. They like to fight with others and other countries.
Such countr'y political leaders usually have not enough capability and enough knowlege for managing the country. If they choose a person who has bad DNA as a ministry of the cabinet, the situation of the country goes much worse. Many people who have good DNA were killed or eliminated.

<A country persuing their own profit only> human to chapter1-6
China has a history of murderous fighting among countries and so many people were killed in the cource of history, which has led people to be selfish and self-assertive. They lack the sense of morality and religeous mind, and do nothing unless it can be their own profit.

<Do all Japanese have the mimd of helping others?> chapter5-6

In 2011 east Japan had the biggest earthquak and suffered tremendous damages. On that occasion,Japanese people helped each other without being selfish. Many foregin countries admired Japan and Japanese people. But really do Japanese people always help others? We have seen many politicians who exploited the people for their own interests. Business entities which were misled by the bad top manager are countless.
key words profile Isao Tashiro
*Big Bang
*Theory of Hubble's
*History of the earth
13.7billion years ago
*origin of the univerce
*dark energy
*quoke and anti-quoke

*gene expression
*DNA and mRNA

*world 4 religions
*existence of god
5authors 「人間とは何か」を著した5人の著書紹介へ--
「Man, the unknown」                   1935 Alexis Carrel
「How Human History is Revealed in Our Genes」 2003 John H. Relethford
「7 million years of HUman Generation」       2005 Makoto Mitui
「Der Mensch In Seiner Geschichte」         1991 Carl Friedrich von Weizsaeker
「The Language of God」                 2006 Francis S. Collins
what is the human、 thesis1 outline
contents contents
chapter1 origin of the human chapter1 
chapter2 history of the human chapter2.
chapter3 worldwide religion chapter3.
chapter4 real religion and how to live chapter4.
chapter5 how should human live  chapter5.
chapter6 how to live ,again chapter6

lifescience human related life science
-cells and mechanism、lifescience1.
* old human's wisdom on lifescience
* specifical role of genesis、
* a cancer and DNA
* digestion and metabolism
* role of brain and nutrition
* how to protect dotage and cancer

tripinforeign海外旅行記へ---Bhutan、He tian、Zhangjiajie、Vietonam、Xi'an・Jiuzhaigou&Huanglong, Taiwan

image of Buddha

Bin Chou Ji in Vietonam

<Human and Buddhism>

It was about 7 million years ago that one of original human moved from Africa to north of Europe and other places. They expanded their Brain and became wise compared with such other animals as chimpanzee and gorilla. Even though animals live for getting clothing, food and housing but the human had grown as a wisest animal for long time range. (chapter1 )

If the present human only wish to get clothing, food and housing, human should be extinct in the future. The human is creative animal who is completely different with other animals. Since the Stone ages human established a group and they help each other.They established civilization and culture in so many places on the earth. Also human have custom to give thanks for natural profit which is a kind of religion. If human have no such religious manner, they must be animal in the brute world.( chapter2. )

The Buddhism is one of 3 worldwide religions including two others, Christianity and Isram, Buddha was born in Rumbini of Nepal on B.C.600. He gave up his position of Buddha group and got out to the multitude world. He trained himself and put his body in serious conditions for the purpose of apprehension. When he was 35 years old he reached at convince of the truth. He started to preach the teaching of Buddhism.( chapter3.)

When he was going to die at Kusinagara he gave finale teaching for many people. After he died, so many followers tried to edit the Sutras. The Sutras has tremendous volume which was translated to Chinese and to Japanese. The Sutra which is told at final stage called the Mahaparinirvana Sutra. This Sutra taught us human should be to thrown sinful desire, pray for others and train himself. Buddhism taught us practice the Buddhism for ourselves is no good , we have to practice and pray for other people.(chapter3. chapter4. )
We are no ending when we died, our soul continue to act for descendant. We have cause and effect, if we do good thing at present which cause good result for descendant, if we do bad thing at present which cause bad result.

We are going to different world by the activity that we did at present, the infernal world, the hungry world, the brute world, the pandemonium world, the human world and the heaven world. These are called the Rokudo (6 way world). If we do practice Buddhism well, we can go to the Saint world, Sragaka1 (one who practice Buddhism for just listening), Sragaka2 ( one who practice Buddhism for just himself), Buddhist saint world and the Spiritual enlightenment world as follows; 

1) The spiritual enlightenment world: Buddhist

2) The Buddhist saint world: one who live to help other people

3) The Sragaka1: one who practice Buddhism for just himself.

4) The Sragaka2: one who practice Buddhism for just listening.     Saint world


5) The heavens world: one who have less suffering.

6 ) The human world: who have 4 suffering, how to live, how to be old, having sickness, and how to die, however try to practice Buddhism.

7) The pandemonium world: who have tendency to be angry and like to fight and war.

8) The brute world: The weak become the victim of the strong.

9) The hungry devil world: one who are avaricious.

10) The infernal world: one who do evil, kill people etc.               Rokudo’s world

 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     .
In general the normal people belongs to 5) to 10) of the Rokudo's world. On the other hand Buddhist endeavors to belong above 6). If they belong to 3) or 4) of Saint world they are still behind the person who practice Buddhism for others.

The person who belongs to 10) is the accomplished villain who killed people for example, as Alexis Carrel pointed. Many people belong to 7) to 9) and they live in the society as well as normal people. If all politician in the world endeavor to belong to above 6) absolutely we have no problem of th war.

How to persuade the devil person understanding above mentioned right life is our obligation. 5authorsenglish